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Erectile function may not disappear, but significantly weaken. This can cause real panic in men. However, do not be alarmed: perhaps, after the elimination of the factor that led to the weakening of the erection, everything will return to normal.

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The following reasons can cause mild erectile dysfunction: overwork. The resources of the body are not infinite, so it is quite natural that the loss of strength affects the sexual function; experienced a serious illness. After an illness, the body is exhausted. After recuperation, sexual function will return to normal; self-doubt.

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Naturally, this is not a complete list of reasons that can cause a weakening of sexual function. Only a specialist can understand what caused the problem in the sexual sphere.

Seeing a doctor early will help you quickly return to your normal sex life. If you refuse treatment, the problem will begin to worsen due to the psychological factor.

Many men who are faced with the problem of erectile dysfunction, before seeking help from specialists, try to prescribe themselves treatment at home.

Of course, sometimes such remedies give a result (we will even talk about them), especially if impotence has psychological causes.



However, if the ailment has arisen due to any disease, you can simply waste time. Therefore, it is important to coordinate any alternative methods with the attending physician, who will preliminarily give you an accurate diagnosis.

Treatment of impotence at home with folk remedies. Typically, various medicinal herbs are used to treat impotence.

Here are the recipes that are considered to be the most effective: you need to take equal amounts of nettles, flaxseeds and mint.


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Two tablespoons of the mixture are brewed with two glasses of boiling water. It is advisable to infuse the broth for at least eight hours, for example, it can be left in a thermos overnight.

You need to take the medicine for three weeks, one glass in the morning and evening.

The collection helps not only to solve the problem with potency, but also effectively relieves of premature ejaculation; to prepare this collection, you need to take the immortelle and calendula in a ratio of 2 to 1, respectively.

One tablespoon of the mixture should be brewed with 200 ml of boiling water. You need to infuse the broth until it cools down, and it is important to do this without access to light, for example, in a teapot made of clay or ceramics.


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You need to take one tablespoon of infusion between meals for four weeks; there is also an easier recipe for strengthening masculine strength.

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It is necessary to take one tablespoon of yarrow broth for three weeks.

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Pour 200 grams of grass with a glass of water and boil for about a quarter of an hour over low heat. The remedy for the treatment of erectile dysfunction is ready.

24 Aug

An excellent result in the treatment of impotence can be achieved with an alcoholic infusion of calamus or ginseng. Infusions have a tonic effect on the body, stabilize hormones and improve blood circulation.

It doesn't matter what you choose: home treatment or mainstream medicine. In any case, the best results are achieved by combining therapy with a healthy diet.

It is important to adhere to the following principles: give up bad eating habits. Eliminate fatty foods, foods high in spices, smoked meats and fast food from your diet;

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